Petroglyphs; Sun, Wind, and Inner Peace.

What is The Spirit of the Southwest? A trinity of rich Traditions; Native American spirituality, Spanish skills, and Mexican resilience.Screenshot_20171202-134212

History has blurred ethnicity lines, and although these 3 traditions can be identified in the elements of the Southwestern culture, they are at the same time one in essence, substance and nature; The Spirit of the American Southwest.

Native American Spirituality is the godhead in this Trinity. Without a doubt the chief influence, and foundational creative force in the Spirit. Being able to experience the Spirit of the Southwest means being in direct contact with its essential elements, and this Petroglyphs speak of that holy communion between man and nature.

The Spirit won’t admit your problems, and worries. It won’t allow distractions, and lack of commitment. It requires your full focus, and undivided attention. It needs a “dialing tone” in order to make a connection. The petroglyphs at Three Rivers testify that the connection can be made.

Take a 360 look at this 360 degree Virtual Tour.

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