History, Culture, and Art.

Alamogordo is a great place for a day trip. There are a variety of things to see, places to eat, and all kinds of activities for everyone.

When my children were a bit younger, we used to go to the Alameda Park Zoo and have a picnic there, on the grass. Right afterwards we would head over to Founder’s Park and just look around. My youngest one (then 2) would enjoy walking around and “hiding” and going back and forth. It was definitely a treat for her!

Founders Park is located right at the Junction of White Sands Boulevard, and 10th Street. Right across 10th street from it is the Alamogordo Museum of History; and right across White Sands Boulevard sits the Alameda Park Zoo.


You can spend 15 to 20 minutes here, and enjoy it after a visit to the Zoo, and the museum.

If you are coming from The White Sands National Monument, and are looking for something to eat, you will definitely be able to find it within walking distance from here.

Have you tried New Mexico’s famous Green Chile Burgers? Blake’s Lotta Burger is just 4 blocks from here on White Sands Boulevard and 14th Street.

If you are in the mood for doing a little shopping afterwards head over to Main Street (right behind Founders Park).

Take a Virtual Tour of Founders Park, you gotta visit!

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